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Solo Female Travel Miami Things To Do and Safety

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Famous as the “go-to” for Spring Break, Miami, Florida is one of the world’s most popular vacation spots for solo female travel. “Lonely in Miami” isn’t the only reason to consider a vacation here. A solo trip to Miami promises picturesque beaches and plenty of things to do alone (or with company) both during the day and at night, all year round.
This guide will help you understand more about Miami, Florida, giving ideas of things to do, places to see, and beaches to visit. You’ll also learn about areas of caution, Covid-19 restrictions, beach safety, and other tips on how to get around and stay safe during your getaway.

Miami Helicopter Tours

Things To Know About Miami, Florida

Miami hosts over 14 million tourists a year. With 469 hotels and 35 miles of beachfront, it’s easy to see why. Miami was originally marshland, and through human intervention, has converted into the bustling city we see today. Commonly nicknamed “The Magic City” or “Little Cuba,” Miami is also one of the few U.S. cities founded by a woman (no wonder it’s so great for solo female travel). If you’re still not convinced, you should know that Miami has the highest concentration of restaurants in the U.S., making it the “Best City” for food and cuisine.

9 Must-See Attractions and Things To Do In Miami

Wondering where to go alone in Miami? Here’s a brief list of the most popular Miami attractions to make your trip unforgettable. Miami offers a variety of attractions that fit the broad tastes of its diverse visitors. While we can’t list them all here, Miami has something for every kind of adventurer.

  1. Wynwood Walls
  2. The Wynwood Walls is an outdoor museum of graffiti and street art. Artists and art change every year, making the walls a unique experience each time you visit. General admission starts at $12, with tours starting at $17. Open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Welcome Center at 266 NW 26th Street.
    Wynwood Walls Tours

    Wnywood Walls Tours

  3. Vizcaya Museum & Gardens
  4. The Vizcaya is the former estate of James Deering. It’s a historic and architectural marvel worth the price. Tickets start at $25, which you must purchase online. Open 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed Tuesdays. The Vizcaya Museum is at 3251 S. Miami Ave.

    Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

  5. Miami Beach
  6. If you’re looking for a party scene with an active nightlife, Miami Beach is the place to go. It’s confusing, but the island of Miami Beach is a separate city from Miami, which connects to the Miami mainland through several bridges. A beautiful place to go alone, Miami Beach sponsors world-class bars, clubs, and architecture. Miami Beach is safe for visitors.

    Miami Beach

  7. Dolphin Mall
  8. As the largest mall in Miami, The Dolphin Mall contains a fine blend of shopping, exquisite food, and live music (weekends Aug-Dec). Open 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Sun 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.). Dolphin Mall is at 11401 NW 12th St.

  9. Zoo Miami
  10. As the only tropical zoo in the continental United States, Zoo Miami hosts over 3,000 animals on 324 developed acres. Tickets start at $22.95. Open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. Zoo Miami is at 12400 SW 152 St.
    Zoo General Admission Tickets

    Zoo Miami

  11. Miami Design District
  12. The Miami Design District hosts shops, dining, art, wellness centers, and a variety of events. It’s home to several art galleries, murals, and creative architecture. There’s even a swing lounge area surrounded by flowers.

    Miami Design District

  13. Bayside Marketplace
  14. The Bayside Marketplace is a mall on the Bayside Marina. Known for several high-end stores, Bayside also hosts several mini-cruises and boat tours. Open most days from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Bayside Marketplace is at 401 Biscayne Blvd.

    Bayside Marketplace

  15. Everglades National Park
  16. The Everglades is one of the largest wetlands in the world. Home to over 350 species (several endangered), the Everglades host various activities from hiking, canoe trails, to land and water tours. Hours and prices vary per activity. Tours Everglade National Park

    Everglades National Park

  17. Art Deco Historic Districtk
  18. Home to the most Art Deco architecture in a single area, The Art Deco Historic District features over 800 historic buildings and provides one of the best cultural scenes in Florida. Walking tours are available every day from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Art Deco Historic District is between 5th and 23rd Street on Miami Beach.

    Art Deco Historic Districtk

Year-Round Events

For information about upcoming events happening in Miami (which includes more things to do in Miami at night) check out Miami’s Official Travel Website or Arts & Culture. These pages will keep you up to date with the calendar of concerts, exhibits, programs, excursions, surf lessons, and more.

10 Most Popular Miami Beaches

Florida beaches are the favorite attraction for tourists. They are the best places to go alone as the beach becomes whatever you want from it. Miami beaches are great for sunbathing, surfing, reading a book, exercising, taking a tour, getting a date, taking photos, or releasing your inner child and building a sandcastle. Tours and other activities are also available year-round.
Activities aside, there are hundreds of critically acclaimed restaurants and hotels within walking distance of the ocean.
Certain Miami beaches have evening events which are great if you’re looking for something to do alone in Miami at night.

  1. Lummus Park
  2. Lummus Park follows Ocean drive from 5th to 15th Streets of Miami South Beach. Lummus Park offers playgrounds, sand volleyball courts, iconic (and functional) lifeguard towers, and umbrella rentals. Paved trails allow for walking, jogging, cycling, and skating. Lummus Park is also home to “Muscle Beach.”

  3. Bal Harbour Beach
  4. If you’re looking for luxury shopping mixed with white sand, Bal Harbour is the place for you. Bal Harbour is home to the highest rated high-end restaurants in Miami, for those of fine taste. Bal Harbour is smaller than other Miami beaches but offers spectacular views and a premium solo experience.

    Bal Harbour Beach

  5. South Beach
  6. South Beach has one of the most active nightlife scenes in Miami. With its iconic art deco architecture and an elevated culinary scene, this attraction proves essential for any tourist. South Beach demands caution for travelers, especially those traveling solo. Your routes should stick to well-known destinations, and you should try to stay in a group at night.South Beach Plane Tours

    South Beach

  7. Crandon Park Beach
  8. Crandon Park is in Bear Cut Preserve and sponsors two miles of beachfront. The water at Crandon Park is calm and the sand soft. Crandon Park offers tennis courts and a golf course. There’s also a Nature Park with hands-on fun with baby sea turtles and seagrass for those interested in biology.

  9. Haulover Beach Park
  10. Haulover Beach Park is a “clothing optional” beach, neither completely nude nor completely clothed. Patrons note in online forums that the nudity is non-sexual. It’s a popular beach for water sports and boating. With party boat tours available. As with most Miami beaches, Haulover Beach is open from sunrise to sunset.

  11. South Pointe Park Beach
  12. At the southern tip of Miami Beach, South Pointe Park Beach is one of the best beaches for service and amenities. Showers, bathrooms, walking trails, picnic areas, and barbeque areas all included. South Point is great for snorkeling. You can also check out the South Pointe Pier, which is great for ocean views and photography.

  13. Surfside Beach
  14. Between Bal Harbor and Miami beach, Surfside Beach is renowned for its beautiful, mile-long shores and pleasant atmosphere. This public, pet-free beach is family friendly and well-kept. The beach is not the only attraction, however, as the downtown area boasts a safer, calmer ambiance than inland Miami and is foot-traffic friendly.

  15. Matheson Hammock Park
  16. Best known for kiteboarding, Matheson Hammock Park features a blend of mangrove forests and synthetic green spaces and pavilions. Matheson Park is magnificent for paddle boarding, birdwatching, and fishing. It’s a great beach for those who want a slower atmosphere. Matheson Hammock Park is at 9610 Old Cutler Road.

  17. Virginia Key Beach Park
  18. On a barrier island by Biscayne Bay, Virginia Key Beach Park is about a mile east from downtown Miami. The sand is tan, and the bug population is higher than in other Miami areas, so take extra bug spray. The beach is great for its walking and bike paths, which are maintained year-round.

  19. Sunny Isles Beach
  20. Sunny Isles Beach is usually less crowded than other Miami beaches, which makes it popular for solo female travelers looking to relax. What makes the Sunny Isles particularly interesting, though, is the 700-foot fishing pier jutting straight into the ocean. It’s the only such public fishing pier in Miami. Nearby is a five-star spa for further relaxation or Samson Oceanfront Park, which hosts concerts and other events.

**Miami-Dade Code Restricts Flotation Devices, alcohol, coolers, and tents on most public beaches. **

The State of Florida prohibits the consumption of alcohol in public.


Beach Conditions

Miami posts real-time updates about the weather of several Miami beaches. The Miami Beach Florida government website contains lifeguard schedules and flag warnings so that your beach day is safe. Each lifeguard station along the beaches will have a visible flag to show water and weather safety.

Where to Stay in Miami—Beachfront Hotels

If you’re looking at where to stay in Miami for your solo trip, we recommend beach-side hotels as they offer the best services and views. Another reason that the best Miami hotels for solo travelers are shoreside is that most of them will have information about events and recommendations about the specifics of places to visit. You’ll also be closer to the best Miami attractions and other things to do.

– Covid Restrictions and Guidelines –

19 January 2022. As with the rest of the world, the Omicron variant has re-spiked Covid infection levels. Florida covid levels are currently equal to the national average. With some precaution, your solo trip to Miami can be as safe as it is fun.

  • As of January 3, 2022, Miami requires masks in all indoor city facilities. The U.S. Federal Mandate also requires masks on any public transit, in airports, on airplanes, and within any government building.
  • Local businesses in Miami handle their own safety precautions. Be sure to look for signs requiring masks or rules on social distancing before entering.
  • Restaurants are 100% open for both indoor and outdoor dining but may have special procedures to limit exposure.
  • There is no official mandate on hotel capacity. Be sure to call ahead to see about operation levels and precautions for your hotel stay.
  • Spas and gyms are open.
  • Retail stores and shopping malls are open.

— Areas of Caution —

The first thing you should know is that Miami is safe for solo travelers. The next thing you should know is that crime rates in Miami are 41% higher than the national average (according to Areavibes ). Most of the crime in Miami comes from specific neighborhoods with high gang presence. Stay clear of these areas and your risk during your solo trip is minimal. You can check out this map to see the areas with higher crime rates. Staying in tourist areas will help keep you safe. Something good to know about Miami is that the general risk to women is low.

    Take extreme caution if you visit the following areas:

  • Model City (also known as Liberty City)
  • Little Haiti
  • Overtown
  • Downtown (Gangs gather near dusk)
  • South Beach (between 8th and 11th streets)
  • Allapattah
  • Little Havana
  • Wynwood (keep visits to daytime)

Safety Tips

  1. Unless with a group or event, stay clear of the beaches after dark.
  2. Ocean night swims are a big no-no. Lifeguards leave and nocturnal currents are dangerous. Also, for most public beaches, it’s illegal.
  3. If entering the water at any of the Miami beaches, make sure that you are within sight and sound of the lifeguards or other groups that can capably help you in a crisis. The ocean is unpredictable and can be dangerous if not respected.
  4. Wear sunscreen! Nothing kills the party vibe like a nasty sunburn or skin cancer.
  5. Stay vigilant. Pickpockets are common in tourist areas
  6. Let people know where you are (even if they’re far away). This can be as simple as sending a quick text message or using your phone’s location sharing services. Location services can continually broadcast your location to a trusted family member or friend for the duration of your trip, letting them check in on you if they haven’t heard from you in a while or get worried. (Apple Guide Here // Android Guide Here )
  7. Ask the hotel desk for advice about travel and destinations. As locals, they are familiar with the area and can help you get where you need to go so you can enjoy your trip.

Transportation During Your Miami Trip

We felt that transportation was important enough to get it its own section. If your personal vehicle is out of the question, consider renting a vehicle. This may increase your trip costs, but your safety and convenience are worth it, especially if you’re traveling solo. Plus, a vehicle will give you greater freedom to explore and experience Florida.

While most travelers have problem-free trips, that doesn’t change the fact that Miami is a statistically dangerous area. And unlike other destinations where most attractions are within short walking distance from your hotel, Miami’s sights are spread-out. This makes walking impractical (even if possible) and dangerous, as you don’t always know the kinds of areas you’ll be traveling through.

If a vehicle is out of the question, use public transit or a taxi service (including Uber, Lyft , or Curb ). Be aware that taxis can take up to a few hours to arrive from time of request. So, as with any travel, make sure you plan.

Dade County has a couple of different options for public transport, which you can check out on the Miami-Dade Transportation website . This will have day-to-day schedules and bundle-fare discount options.

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